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March 2016


MYTERN – Taking Emotional Responsibility Now
I am delighted with the positive feedback that I have received as a result of introducing ‘MYTERN’ with our students from Preschool through to Year 4 this year. As a result we look forward to extending this into the Middle School and Senior School in the future.

We are very pleased with the excellent support that many of you provided by attending the information sessions with Dr. Jane Foster last week.  We have received several requests to share the footage taken of Jane’s presentation for those who were unable to attend and for those who would like to view Jane’s presentation again.  We have made this available for you to view by logging onto the College Parent Portal,  and then clicking on the orange tile labelled ‘MYTERN Resources’.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the website to be best informed about how this language can be of support to your family. I take this opportunity to thank the significant number of parents who have communicated with me, encouraging us for taking this initiative.

Our College will benefit from everyone connected with our wider community using this common language with our young people. I know first-hand the impact that receiving a daily text or message from the App has had for me personally and hold a strong desire to see as many young people and families as possible receiving this benefit.

Christian College is keen to develop a strong community culture of learning where we see close connections between the College and our families concerning the educational initiatives that we are introducing. I encourage all parents to read campus newsletters to keep up to date with the information that is shared regarding ‘Building Learning Power’, ‘Mytern’ and ‘Restorative Practice’ throughout the year. 

Great Tone
As I have visited the campuses to attend Welcome Evenings, Information Sessions, classrooms, sporting events and assemblies, I can’t help but sense the positive tone and culture that was evident in each of these environments.
It has been wonderful for me to meet a number of the new families that have joined us this year to hear how well our new students have settled into their new school. 

Our students are beneficiaries of the partnership that we maintain between the College and home and I am grateful for the ‘Positive Tone ‘, that I have witnessed so far this year.

Glen McKeeman

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