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May 2015


Whole School Photo
This week commenced with the major undertaking to capture all students and staff from all campuses, including Williams House Kindergarten and the Back Creek Farm in one photograph.

We were blessed with perfect weather conditions which assisted arrangements and the mood on the day for everyone involved.
I was especially proud of the presentation of each student and wish to thank all families for assisting with the arrangements to get students looking so lovely on the day. The students are also to be commended for their cooperation and participation.
The day involved over 2,500 students, teachers, Board members and all non-teaching staff which required an enormous amount of coordination and planning. I wish to thank our College Major Events team and particularly mention Mrs. Jess Maddock for the wonderful work she provided to ensure the entire operation was such a success.
Thank you everyone for helping us mark this special occasion to celebrate our 35th Anniversary.

Glen McKeeman

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