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Opening of Christian College Bellarine Centre for Sport and Performing Arts


The Official Opening and Dedication of the new Christian College Bellarine Centre for Sport and Performing Arts was a wonderful celebration of  16 years of community for that campus. It has been a challenge for me to find adequate words to describe the joy and sense of pride I felt being present to see the current students and families appreciating the unprecedented provision as a result of combined contribution from the Federal Government and the vision and commitment of the College Board.

The day clearly demonstrated the continued sense of community that the Bellarine campus enjoyed from humble beginnings back in 1996. The students, staff and families clearly appreciate what they have as a community, as well as the programs and new facilities that make an outstanding school. The day was an opportunity to celebrate together the blessing of this new centre, but to me it was also a time to give thanks for the journey and the many that have and still make up such a wonderful place of learning.

Highlights on the day were many, and many have been congratulated and thanked both personally and publicly for their contributions.  But to me it was the students who were a particular highlight. From those who greeted guests arriving in the pouring rain to escort us under the appreciated umbrellas, to those who played, sang or performed and indeed all of the students in attendance for their outstanding conduct. You were the highlight of the day. It is you that this new facility is provided - to benefit from having such educational, sporting and performing opportunities. Seeing the showcase of performance and student participation on the day gives me a great deal to appreciate and enjoy. Oh, and the new building is simply incredible too!

I congratulate Mr. Elliss, his staff, students and families on such a wonderful occasion and thank all those who have served this community in building such a unique campus with outstanding programs, students and facilities.

We praise God for blessing us with this provision and pray that all that takes place in any of our College campus facilities, brings honour and glory to His name.

Glen McKeeman


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