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This term a great deal of my time has been involved in planning for the future. Part of this is closely associated with and working alongside a number of our staff, ranging from Heads or Deputy Heads of Campus, Directors of Teaching and Learning, classroom teachers, sports coaches or instrumental music teachers.

In any school week I have the opportunity to visit classrooms, a variety of sporting or music events, assemblies or meetings all of which provide me with the privilege of seeing our teaching staff at work.

It is easy to take a dedicated and hard working team of teachers (and administration and other support staff for that matter) for granted. As I visit our campuses I see at first hand the quality and professionalism shown by those who deliver our teaching and learning program. I am reminded of how blessed we are as a community to have such a talented and caring staff providing for, and attending to our students’ needs. 

In recent years the College has seen the provision of wonderful new facilities and resources as well as the introduction and development of new programs. Whilst each of these are  welcomed and have contributed positively to making Christian College an exciting place of learning, I remain convinced that the most valuable and significant resource in our College is the incredible teaching staff at the core of our delivery of educational programs.

I feel blessed to serve beside such an amazing team.


Glen McKeeman


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