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Staff Retreat


Last term concluded with the staff participating in the annual Staff Retreat. This year all teaching and non-teaching staff shared time together with Chris Parker from the National Institute of Christian Education to focus upon what it means to teach and work Christianly. Each year, the Staff Retreat has significant value for us to continue our Christian, professional and personal development.

We also spend time at the annual Staff Dinner to acknowledge the contributions of our colleagues over the years. A highlight this year was to celebrate the 30 Years Service from Mrs. Sue Wright. Described as one of the pioneers who contributed to establishing and shaping our College in the formative years, Mrs. Wright has made a broad contribution to our community through her teaching and involvement in sporting and camping programs. Her particular involvement in teaching Home Economics and Health and Human Development, her encouragement and support of Basketball and Equestrian programs and as a generous colleague are hallmarks of her career at Christian College. Mrs. Wright is currently on Long Service Leave until the end of 2013 and she has decided that she intends to retire at the end of this time. We thank Sue and wish her and her husband Ken well for many years of happy retirement.

Other staff recognised for their contributions to Christian College

10 Years
Molly Drayton
Kerryn Fearnsides
Yuji Nakayama
Deborah Singleton
Lesley Walters
Rick Geall
Jonathan Ryan
Jamie O'Loughlin
Sascha Veldhuis
Lisa Pemberton

15 Years
Andrew Stephens
Deanne Elliss
Chris Maddock

20 Years
Anne Young
Jan Strauch

I am grateful for the wonderful contributions made by these colleagues to the life of our College. Each have been a blessing.

Glen McKeeman

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