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Through understanding comes greater opportunities to promote tolerance and peace.

At Christian College, our main rationale for learning languages is to communicate proficiently and to provide learners with essential communication skills in their chosen language. It is also to assist our students in gaining an intercultural capability and an understanding of the role of language and culture in communication.

Learning languages assists with our students’ capability to communicate, provides them with proficiency in at least two languages, develops literacy skills and increases their engagement as citizens within local, regional and global contexts. As a result of this, the students obtain unique and exciting personal, social and employment opportunities not only during their time at Christian College, but in the future as well.

Christian College has a very strong Asian Language program. Japanese is taught from Prep. to Year 12 and Indonesian from Years 5 to Year 12.

Christian College has a longstanding relationship and exchange programme with a Sister School in Wakayama Province, Japan as well as a Twin School relationship with a Senior High School in Lombok, Indonesia. Annual visits between the schools are an integral part of the Christian College Language programme.

Through our exchange programme, families have warmly welcomed Indonesian and Japanese students into their homes and provided them with an insight into Australian family life.

Christian College has a fine reputation for gaining excellent ATAR results at the Senior level in both Indonesian and Japanese.

On the completion of Year 12, a lot of our students choose to continue their language studies at tertiary level. Many Christian College graduates are currently using their skills in a variety of vocations such as diplomacy, tour guiding, hospitality and language teaching.

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