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Our College believes transformative learning happens when you go ‘beyond the curriculum’.

Embracing 21st century learning in every way, our College is constantly challenging how we teach our students – making education less about the teacher at the front of the classroom, and more about our teachers being facilitators for our learners.

Ground-breaking concepts such as ‘Building Learning Power’, where students take ownership of their intellectual development, and ‘MYTERN’, where students take control of their emotional development, give our young people the chance to guide their own personal growth. We not only provide our students with facts and skills, we teach them ‘how to think’.

Whether it is in classrooms, in our local community or through the vast array of field trips, camps or interstate and international tours, our students benefit from real-world, meaningful experiences that enrich their educational journey.

Fostering leadership and collaboration in and between students are two key principles of our approach, and these critical qualities are continually promoted and reinforced through the responsibilities given to students and the innovative teaching activities they are exposed to.

Our wide choice of VCE, VET and VCAL pathways linked to anticipated tertiary studies, our state-of-the-art Sport and Art facilities, and transformative experiences such as our ‘Back Creek Farm’ Rural Studies and those offered through our renowned Music and Drama programs give our students the chance to explore their God-given gifts and interests to their fullest.

Our specialised and dedicated teachers work in a culture, where going ‘above and beyond’ to create the best possible learning environment is the norm, and their caring nature is underpinned by our College values of Faith, Grace, Hope, Love and Truth.

Our College celebrates diversity, understanding that every student’s journey is different and they are supported by our trademark pastoral care program, which prepares our young people to meet the challenges of every year level while helping them to explore their Christian faith.

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