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Christian College’s LITEhouse (short for Library Information Technology Education) is where students acquire research skills, using innovative technologies to access information for study and pleasure.

Students engage in activities that demonstrate and apply transferrable attributes, acquiring skills that develop their ability to be both independent and collaborative learners, as well as being curious about their world and engaged in their own learning. Research skills give students the ability to deconstruct a task to define the problem, ask relevant questions and find relevant information to help solve the problem. Information technology skills involve the selection of the correct digital tool to apply to a task, knowledge to use digital tools and problem solving skills to use these tools effectively. Reading for pleasure involves developing the skills and habits in students to select reading material independently that will entertain or inform, or both.

LITEhouse faculty teaching staff are specialists in research, information technology and reading for pleasure. The LITEhouse teachers work with classroom teachers to integrate skills associated with these areas into activities within all subject areas.

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