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Exceptional Learning Opportunities for Exceptional Students

Gifted and talented students have unique and often asynchronous learning needs that are addressed principally through our differentiated curriculum at all levels of our College. Additionally, in recognition that some students need to learn differently, we have created an opportunity for gifted and talented students to do just that through the Q’ed Program.
This program provides space, time and material and human resources to the cognitive architecture and social and emotional wellbeing of gifted and talented students.
Q’ed encourages students to explore, understand and extend themselves as learners. It enables them to travel to the parameters of the unknown and beyond.
Q’ed empowers students to be, grow and value what and who they are, and to share this with others.

The Q’ed experience is offered during the Middle Years, but identifying and nurturing gifted and talented students is an ongoing process throughout their whole educational journey.

Program inquiries contact:
Roselyn Smith
Middle School - Highton
5241 1899

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