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Pastoral Care at Christian College Geelong embraces the principles and values of our Christian ethos and is underpinned by restorative practices, respect for the rights of all members of the community, celebration of diversity and emphasis on the responsibilities of all individuals to be active citizens is central to our approach to student wellbeing. 

A particular focus of the Pastoral Care program is building and sustaining relationships that nurture the individual and challenges them to fulfil their potential in the spiritual, academic, social and personal domains. Pastoral care permeates all facets of our College life, empowering our students to have the confidence to articulate their beliefs in both words and actions as well as developing the capacity to critically reflect upon their personal and inter-personal development. Emotional resilience is developed through the language of MYTERN. 

By providing a 'balanced education for the whole person', students consider contemporary issues for young people, develop an understanding and appreciation of healthy relationships and develop skills and sensitivity to the diverse needs of people in the local and global community.

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