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The Christian College Health, Physical Education and Sport program, provide students with a balance in their weekly educational experience. 

We aim to develop not only students’ sporting knowledge and skills, but also an understanding of the benefits of life-long physical activity. This is achieved through a whole-school approach that incorporates educating within the curriculum and providing experiences during intra-school and inter-school sport, in addition to other sporting opportunities. Christian College offers students the opportunity to participate in 13 House or Interschool sports. These include aquatic, athletic, equestrian, surf, and traditional summer and winter sports.

Such an approach to Sport is in line with our College’s overarching belief that education is concerned with the ‘whole’ human being; and that every pupil has the capacity to achieve, or even excel, in some field. 

Our talented and dedicated staff deliver an enriching program that aims to achieve a ‘physically competent’ student at Year 6, and a ‘physically educated’ student at Year 10. Students have the opportunity to enhance their Health and Physical Education understanding further by completing the VCE Units in these subject areas at Year 11 and 12. 

Participation in lifelong physical activity is an essential part of living a healthy and well-balanced life. The skills, knowledge and conceptual understandings explicitly taught and studied through our College Health and Physical Education program provide a platform from which students are able to achieve this goal.

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