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Christian College is committed to fostering a lifelong appreciation of the visual arts, technologies and design. Creativity, critical and design thinking are core skills for future learners, and visual literacy across a broad variety of mediums and technologies is prioritised as students develop in an increasingly complex visual culture.

The Christian College curriculum from Kindergarten through to VCE offers an inspiring range of visual art, technology and design opportunities for our students across all of our campuses. Students are challenged in the study of two- and three-dimensional visual art forms, studio arts, visual communication design, product design (plastics, metals, wood and textiles), systems engineering (electronics, robotics, coding), media studies (film, photography and digital media) and food studies.

Each of our campuses offers opportunities for our students to participate in extracurricular activities, including extension programs, community arts projects, exhibitions, artist-in-residence programs and numerous local, national and international competitions. This in turn allows our students to refine their skills in authentic real world applications.
By the end of Year 12 our students have a folio of work that enables them to transfer into acclaimed higher education courses. Many of our former students have gone on to work in visual art, technology and design fields.

The faculty is staffed by passionate and experienced educators who develop students’ skills and encourage them to think creatively and critically, to be adaptive, innovative, resourceful and problem solvers.

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