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Drama is flourishing at the Middle School, with the Year 5 dramatic play seeing students engaged in learning how to perform stories through role and character. From Year 7 to Year 10, students can choose Drama as an elective subject and engage in visible thinking activities alongside serious development of acting skills and exploration of dramatic forms from different cultural and historical contexts. Students celebrate their work through public performances and achieve a strong sense of personal satisfaction in performing to an audience.

Students at Year 6 and 7 can also choose Dance as an elective – developing physical skills, technical accuracy, creativity and performance skills by engaging in a variety of dance styles and learning dance composition.

At the VCE level, students participate in sophisticated explorations of theatrical styles and develop skills in critical analysis of professional performances. The solo performance during Unit 4 is a rigorous and creative task and our students are regularly shortlisted for performance at Top Class Drama.
Complementing the classroom Drama and Dance programs are a range of co-curricular opportunities. Students can audition for the bi-annual musical production and, in the alternate year, a non-musical drama performance. Students in the Senior School can also participate in the annual House Drama competition, which sees each House develop and perform an original work based on a given criteria.

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