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The English program at Christian College is focused on building our students’ capacity to be powerful communicators. 

Our young people are growing up in a world of varied and ever-increasing platforms of communication: verbal, written, aural and visual; traditional novels, tweets, images, text messages, podcasts and news articles; face-to-face, print and digital. Each of these varied platforms have their own styles of communication, and a citizen of our increasingly inter-connected world needs to be proficient in each of these different forms. 

At Christian College, we want our students to have a powerful ‘voice’ – to be able to enter into the conversations of the world in which they live and have something valuable to say. We teach our students to listen and understand the views of others, to consider and communicate their own views, to collaborate with others, to think critically about what is being communicated to them and to have the capacity to express themselves clearly through the English language in order to be participants, rather than spectators, in their world.

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