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Christian College’s language program offers students experiences that are both life-changing and defining. It opens hearts and minds to new ways of engaging with a diverse, modern world, and to valuing complex cultural traditions that shape societies today.

Our focus is on Asia – home to sixty per cent of the world’s people. Our Japanese language-learning program runs from Prep to Year 12, and Indonesian from Years 5 to 12.
Students are equipped with essential language skills, but also with an intercultural capability that inspires a passion for the pivotal role of communication with our neighbours. This also enhances the experience of genuine engagement as citizens within local, regional and global contexts.

Unique personal, social and employment opportunities add further dimensions. Many students continue their language studies at a tertiary level, and many more embrace friendships and other connections that span international borders and last a lifetime.

We partner with schools in Wakyama Province in Japan and Lombok in Indonesia to facilitate long- and short-term exchanges and a language assistant exchange program post-Year 12.
Annual visits between the schools provide Christian College families opportunities to host Indonesian and Japanese students, and provide the students with an Australian experience they will remember for life.

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