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Mathematics is composed of multiple but interrelated and interdependent concepts, which students are encouraged to apply both within and beyond the classroom. 

At Christian College, we aim to develop the links between the various components of mathematics, as well as the relationship between mathematics and other disciplines. Our desire is for all students to benefit through access to the power of mathematical reasoning and learn to apply their mathematical understanding creatively, to build their capacity as learners and critical thinkers and to collaborate and communicate with both teachers and peers through inquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences. 

We encourage the use of digital technologies to facilitate students exploring and wondering about the world in which they live, and to provide access to new tools for continued mathematical exploration and development. Through their journey as Christian College students, they will develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency with processes, as well as their capacity to pose and solve problems. We want our students to develop as confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics who are able to investigate and interpret situations as active, global citizens.

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