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Our World is a popular elective program at Christian College that allows students to engage with the curriculum through practical experiences. 

In Year 10 students are absorbed in social justice issues and analyse the causes of poverty in some Indigenous communities. During their ten-day Central Australia program, students spend time immersed in Anangu culture at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This brings to life their study of culture and encourages critical thinking about contemporary social influences on traditional lifestyles. The group also spends four nights camped at a remote Indigenous school where they work with the community and learn about the challenges of remote life.

The VCE Unit 2 subject continues with the Our World theme of ‘understanding social issues through experience’ by analysing responses to poverty and social justice in Vietnam, Cambodia or East Timor. Students examine their place within the international community through considering the debate over the existence of the ‘global citizen’. Students will live and work for two weeks in one of those countries, which becomes the focus of their study and research. This trip is designed to immerse students in the ‘real’ Southeast Asia, enabling greater understanding and empathy for people in these countries.

Students return from these experiences with a great appreciation of different cultures but also with an awareness and understanding of some of the problems faced in other communities. Students are challenged to ask difficult questions about aid and development and try and create sustainable solutions to complex issues.

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