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Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies at Christian College engages students through experiencing a variety of pristine environments and being challenged to critically think about local and global environmental issues. Students learn to wonder, question and appreciate the world around them by exploring diverse coastal heathlands, internationally recognised wetlands and unique alpine ecosystems. As they progress through the program, students will develop the ability to critically analyse the complex interplay between human impacts on outdoor environments and nature’s impact on humans.

The comprehensive program at Christian College also aims to develop personal and interpersonal skills that are transferable to other facets of students’ lives. Students are exposed to adversity in nature to build resilience and emotional intelligence. We want our young people to know that they have the ability and mental strength to cope with and manage challenging situations, ultimately equipping them for success at school and beyond.

Inherent to this is the understanding of the intrinsic glory of God’s creation and our reliance on it for healthy lifestyles, raising the conversation about how to manage our natural environment sustainably into the future.

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