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Modern life is intertwined with science and technology as never before. At Christian College we aim to give a real and relevant understanding of the world around us. To achieve this, students must investigate and experiment! 

From Year 5 through to Year 12 all our students have access to the College laboratories, where teachers and students can be immersed in practical science using specialised facilities. We develop the skills a budding scientist needs, providing students with myriad opportunities to collaborate, explore and reflect on the things they learn. And their experiences span from the microscopic to the cosmic, the physical across the biological to the psychological and from the imagination of human technology to the wonders of our natural world. However, we also recognise that science and technology are only tools with which to create and exploit our ideas – so students must learn to critique and evaluate their impact and explore how we can and should utilise these tools responsibly and sustainably for all and for the long term.

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