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As Year 5 students move towards creating their own historical fiction in the form of a picture book, we were able to give them the opportunity to meet a ‘real life’ author/illustrator. Last Friday the students were lucky enough to have a visit from Andrew Plant.

Andrew trained as a zoologist before discovering he preferred painting and writing about animals rather than dissecting them!  He has written and illustrated numerous picture books of a scientific nature and more recently has worked on a book about people, not dinosaurs or echidnas. He says humans are the most difficult animals to paint, so it has been a real challenge!

He talked to the students about the process of researching, planning, editing and producing his historical picture book ‘The Poppy’.  Andrew also shared the drafts of his latest book which is yet to be published.    The students came away with numerous ideas for their own work, and a reassurance that they can all create something special.


Penny Edmanson

LITEHouse Teacher



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