Year 7 Geography - WATER

Within their Geography classes this term, the Year 7 Highton students have been exploring the movement of water through the Geelong Region. After attending various sites in Geelong during Week 3,  the students returned to the classroom and worked in groups to share knowledge, record information, complete sketches and create a three dimensional model of the entire Barwon River system. This complex task demanded the application of many Building Learnign Power (BLP) muscles including Interdependence, Imagination, Planning, Listening and above all, Collaboration. Next, the students will apply their new learning to tackling water issues facing our global community, including water scarcity in Asia and Africa. This study will culminate in the students crafting a real-world ‘call to action’ for all of us, and we are excited to see what they will create.


Adam Kennedy

Year 7 Geography Teacher



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