Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Day

On Thursday the 18th of August it was our absolute honour and privilege to host the Vietnam Veterans Service here at Middle School Highton. The service was held in our Chapel and was attended by Vietnam veterans and their families, servicemen and women, local members of parliament, many Geelong organisations and students from each of Christian College Campuses. It was certainly an honour to hear Colonel Jan McCarthy speak of her nursing work during the Vietnam war. Such an inspiring lady, with an amazing story of service and survival.

Highton School Captains, Tess O'Neil and Zachary Devonish had the opportunity to march with the servicemen and women and lay a wreath during the service. 

Vice Captain Breella Case spoke wonderfully when reading the poem 'Why men who have been to war, yearn to reunite', bringing solace and emotion to the service.

The Last Post and Rouse is a significant aspect of a memorial service such as this, particularly given 2016 is the 50th year commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan. We are proud that our talented Year 9 student, George Elliss had the privilege of playing this within the service, and did so to the highest of quality, marking the respect of our community towards those that fought and served our country in the Vietnam war. 


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus


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