Message from the Chaplain

Hi Parents,

This week year 5 to 9 students attended a talk led by David Burt from the organisation (SALT), meaning, Sport and Life Training, in the College Auditorium. 

David spent time on the issues outlined below. The students were engaged throughout this session and the relevance to them was evident.

Social Media and the Internet

• Advantages and disadvantages of social media

• Who is watching you?

• Things future employers hate to see

• Cyber bullying

• How to keep your social media content healthy

• Phishing

• Sexting

• Time and productivity

• Sleep

Vilification, Discrimination and Bullying

• Why people discriminate and bully

• Racial vilification

• Cyber bullying

• Sexual harassment

• What to do if you are being vilified

• Who to turn to

• Changing bullying culture

Online Gambling

• The facts about gambling

• Traps for the punter

• Young people and gambling

• Bet regret

• Alternatives to gambling


Some key points and questions coming out of the session include…….

Our personal decisions affect what happens on social media. Who do you accept into your inner circle when involved in cyber activities? How is this going to impact me in the future? What does your software history look like? What does your digital footprint say about you? Count 10 before you send. Would my grandmother approve? Words can be deadly, think before you text. There is a need to set the boundaries on video games. How can you sleep better?

The above are some of the great questions and thoughts that you can discuss with your son or daughter at home. 

Please remember that if you need to talk about any issue concerning yourself or family, do make a time to see me, email, or phone.

Take Care,

Gary Crole

Christian College Geelong, Bellarine Campus Chaplain.   



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