House Football - Round 1

The commencement of Round 1 in the 2016 House Football carnival saw Flynn play Burrows in what was built to be an exciting and close tussle. Unfortunately this was not to be the case when early in the boys contest, Flynn opened up with 3 unanswered goals within the first 3 minutes of play. Paddy Norton worked hard early to try to stifle the midfield onslaught by Flynn, however Burrows were undermanned with only 9 players taking the field; two of these players being brought in as last minute substitutes. Standout players for Flynn included Matt Tattersall up forward and Brady Nankervis.

Burrows were looking to rely heavily on a highly talented girls’ team in the second third, with the likes of Amy Troy, Isabelle Hackett, and Caelli Wood looking to create havoc. However the Flynn team were able to control play with Tess Kirsopp-Cole linking up well with her team mates to again outscore the Burrows outfit.

In the final mixed game, Burrows looked to create scoring opportunities by loading their backline with boys in an attempt to rebound and enable some girls to score super goals, but as with the rest of the match, Flynn were just too strong and too dominant across the field.

The competition will continue at lunchtimes until the Grand Final which will be held next Friday 2nd September.



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