Japanese State-wide Speech Contest

The JLTAV State-wide Japanese speech contest was held last Sunday in Melbourne. The event offered the opportunity for the junior and middle levels of Japanese learners around the State to demonstrate their excellent language skills as well as public speaking skills.

Our six students confidently performed their speeches in front of a large audience. They spent hours to prepare for the contest and engaged positively with their study of Japanese. Please congratulate these students on their great efforts and achievements, particularly Michelle and Adelia for their outstanding results!

Michelle Zhao 1st Prize winner in the Y7/8 individual category
Adelia Chong Excellent Effort Award winner in the Y5/6 individual category
Naomi Chang/Tarsha Watson Certificate of Participation in the Y7/8 pair category
Lily Petterwood/Ruby Lockman Certificate of Participation in the Y5/6 pair category


Mrs Karen Friday

Japanese Teacher


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