Re-visiting the Clock Tower....10 years on

Having the opportunity to visit and ‘sign’ the Middle School Clock Tower on completion of their Year 12 studies, has become a cherished tradition amongst Christian College graduates over many many years. Last Saturday saw the class of 2006 celebrate their 10 year reunion, whilst having the opportunity to revisit this iconic space within the heights of our historic Middle School building.

Although not having taught any of these students, it was a privilege to stand and observe the irresistible sense of pride, emotion and connection that was evident within the clock tower. Overwhelmingly, the dialogue shared by the young men and women expressed the significance that they now realise their Christian College education has had on them, making reference to their faith, values, competencies, work ethic, experiences and opportunities. 

All of which made me extremely proud to be investing into what I believe at Christian College is an 'Education worth having’.

Mr Tony Costa
Head of Campus


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