Project Care Week - Offspring

‘We can’t do everything, but we can do something!

We are all called to love other more than we love ourselves. We are also called to give generously. In the coming week, this will be the challenge set for our Middle School students as we aim to raise funds for, and awareness around, the global issue of human trafficking and slavery.

For many years now, Christian College has partnered with Offspring, a non for profit organization founded by a former staff member Kristi Van Es. Based in Kolkata India, Offspring has the privilege of being part of the journey of young women as they are restored and reintegrated back into community through education and skill acquisition.

Offspring’s campaign this year is ‘Presents with Purpose’. We are a blessed nation and most of us would agree that we have more than we need. The challenge of this campaign is to exchange the ‘gifts’ you would normally receive around birthdays and other celebrations, for ‘gifts’ for women supported by Offspring.

The Project Care prefects have run with this ‘gift giving’ theme and have organized awareness and fundraising activities in the coming week for our students. For example, each homeroom will be challenged to raise a goal amount, with the class raising the most being given the opportunity to celebrate with a ‘party’ hosted by the prefects. Friday the 2nd of September, students are also encouraged to wear full sports uniform and bring a donation on this day

We believe that we are all able to ‘do something’, no matter how small, so that together we can create positive change in our world.


Ms Kerrie Reid

Deputy Head of Campus


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