Year 7 Prejudice Day

The Year 7 Christian Education Prejudice unit challenges our students to honestly and critically reflect on the existence of prejudice in our world and the ways in which they can tackle this to create change. As Christians we are instructed to love our neighbours as ourselves. Last week, the Year 7 Middle School students met and worked with their ‘neighbours’, the Year 7 Bellarine students.

Prejudice Day involves the students presenting a skit that reflects their learning and explores the idea of access to clean water as a human right. The performances showcased the students’ talents, teamwork and sense of humour. Students also heard from a guest speaker, a doctor, who shared her personal experiences with prejudice as well as within her profession, unpacking prejudice toward disability in particular. After this, they came together to tackle a mystery challenge where they were mixed into groups involving students from both campuses. Each team was charged with a current issue impacting the water system of a country or region, provided with some information surrounding the issue, and allocated with specific roles to fulfil. From this, they were challenged to work together to combine their learning from various subjects, including the ‘Save My Water’ unit. 

The students expressed that they had fun on the day and that they particularly enjoyed meeting new people and establishing new friendships.


Mrs Michelle Williams 

Year 7 Coordinator


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