Recently the College had the pleasure of Sonya Karras speaking to our Year 11 and 12 students. She has been a regular here for some years and speaks in a most engaging way about safe partying and making sensible decisions. Sonya has been presenting for sixteen years and is very well known and in great demand as a speaker at schools.

Our students have always enjoyed her presentations and the positive message she presents.

She has made a series of television shows commencing today on Channel 31. The thirteen part series is with Sacha Kaluri and concentrates on parenting in a fun and interesting way. The Sonya and Sacha show will be promoting being the best person you can be.

Links are available on Sonya and Sacha social media or you can live stream on the channel 31 website

I encourage parents and guardians to watch along with their son or daughter.


Graeme Dent, Head of Senior School


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