From the Chaplain - RUOK Day

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

Very soon we, as a school community at Bellarine will be gathering together to focus on the benefits of RUOK Day. The emphasis is, When we stick together, everyone is better!!  It's only a week until R U OK?Day (Thursday 8 September). I want to encourage all students and staff to wear clothing that is yellow or orange to school. This expression of support for RUOK Day shows that we are interested and concerned about connecting with people and making a difference in their life. It's the national day of action and a reminder to our College community to regularly check in with family, friends and workmates. This year we're also encouraging everyone to make more time for the people who matter to them.

What can you do? It's simple. Reconnect with someone you've lost touch with. 

R U OK? Ambassador and media personality Bianca Dye, is encouraging everyone to pick up the phone and have a heart-to-heart more often. She recently shared how calls help her cope with life's ups and downs. “When my anxiety is getting too much, I know I can always call my mum. She’ll pick up the phone, listen and knows exactly what I need. Knowing she’s always going to be there helps,” said Bianca.

Start a conversation.  You don’t need to be an expert to have a conversation with someone you're worried about. Just ask; listen and don’t judge; encourage action; and check in regularly.  It’s important to remember that a seemingly small and insignificant conversation with someone about how they are going can be incredibly meaningful to them. 

Let’s all give it a try today and every day to be sensitive and open to the possibility of having a significant conversation with someone who might really need supportive words spoken to them…It may change their life!!!!

Please be aware that I am available to talk to you if you have concerns in your life or just need someone to listen.

Take care,

Gary Crole,
Christian College Bellarine Chaplain.



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