Year 7 Prejudice Day

Prejudice Day promised to be an interactive and meaningful day, decoding the impacts of prejudice in our society and the impact it has globally. The Year 7's from both Bellarine and Highton campuses had been busily preparing their plays, outlining the different types of prejudice to perform to one another in the auditorium. What transpired was inspiring, creative and meaningful messages all throughout the morning. The Year 7's spoke of prejudices such as: ageism, sexism, physical prejudice and racial prejudice. Our young people blew us away with their understanding of prejudice, their wisdom and their thoughts surrounding the topic; not to mention their raw talent as actors.

Our guest speaker for the day, Christine O'Kelle discussed the various stereotypes and prejudices that society holds, both consciously and unconsciously. Her personal story of how she had experienced racial prejudices was powerful and poignant to our students.

Overall, our students experienced valuable learning and enjoyed making new friends with the Highton students. It was a great day.

"I loved watching the different acts, performing our own act and getting to know the Highton kids." Serena El-Hage 7E

Rebecca Barry
Christian Education Teacher


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