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When we talk about the House culture in the Senior School, what comes to mind?

Fundamentally our desire is to encourage each individual to see the benefit that comes from making a contribution to their House no matter how big or small. We want students to experience a sense of belonging to a larger community; firstly through House Group and secondly to their House. At Christian College students have the opportunity to shape the culture of both their House and school by their willingness to step up and become involved with the many activities offered.

Jacob Marsden is a quiet Year 12 student who despite some major hurdles to overcome has been very supportive at House events and also contributed to the Flynn culture. It was a memorable moment to see his face light up as other students got around him when we won both the Synchro swimming (Term 1) and House Choir performance (Term 2). There is great satisfaction when individual students from all year levels work together to achieve a common goal.

Sharing ideas, listening to each other, working through acceptance and rejection of personal opinions are all valuable life lessons and the leadership displayed by our young Flynn House leaders has been exemplary and I feel very proud of what they have accomplished over the year.

The Lunt brothers moved to our school this year and have contributed in so many ways. We have watched Jordan (Year 12) be a central umpire in the recent football competition, giving up his lunchtimes. To make quick decisions based on your peer’s performance in the heat of battle with a large crowd of students and staff yelling out a range of comments is no easy feat. Ben, the younger brother, waves the goal umpire flags with precision that would impress any AFL umpire.

Last week a small number of Year 11 students volunteered their time to conduct a House service. Here are some extracts from the message they shared.

Tess Kirsopp-Cole: We need to live everyday of our life as a continuous process of giving thanks for the things that we have, even in moments when we feel vulnerable, broken and alone. We need to frequently look around us and be grateful for what we do have, not the things we wish we had.

Nick Jordan Hill:  No matter what we have going on at the moment, this time of the year seems to be one of the busiest. I encourage you to take a few seconds to just STOP………… to be really mindful and aware of yourself in the present and be still.

Casey Reid: Don’t live with the attitude “walk on by” but take the time to show Empathy-the act of putting yourself in another’s shoes.

Walking the life they walk and what they are experiencing is a vital tool in serving others and making our world a better place to share.

Finally Sarah Ponsford has been very busy with others at the Villa creating some unique garments for the Wearable Art competition held on the last day of term, the Year 10 students will be given opportunity to display leadership qualities during Term 4 with a number of innovative ideas planned.

Lynton Smith, Head of Flynn House



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