Year 7 - Save my Water 'Exhibition'

On behalf of the Year 7 staff and students, I have much pleasure in extending an invitation to all Year 7 Parents to attend the Year 7 'Save My Water' Game Design Exhibition Evening to be held in the Sport and Aquatic Centre (SAC) at Middle Campus, 18 Burdekin Road, Highton, on Tuesday September 6th from 5.45pm to 7pm. 

An Exhibition of Game Design Sharing, reflection of personal learning, challenges and growth.

The exhibition will showcase student reflections on the layers of negotiated learning that each team explored in this unit of study, along with the challenges and thinking dispositions they fostered. They will ponder what they have learnt about themselves as a learner. Each student has also developed their own unique 'pitch' for the game to market it to a target audience and will explain one of the processes they undertook in their term's learning.

This event will display the Stencyl video games and Game Design Documents entered into the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge run by ACER focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths to design and build an original video game. The challenge 'encourages game development as an inquiry-based learning exercise that helps to develop capabilities in systems-based thinking, problem solving, iterative design, communication, collaboration and project management - skills that are increasingly required for living and working in a rapidly changing technological landscape.'

The ACER challenge organisers will be attending to celebrate the unique approach we have taken as a college and personally talk to the students involved.

There is no RSVP required, however we do hope you can join with us to explore and celebrate the learning journey that your Year 7 student has explored this year.

Although this exhibition has been designed predominately for our Year 7 parents, by the Year 7 students, we are certainly open to any of our College parents attending this Exhibition, if you're interested in the learning that has been taking place. We would love to share the journey with you. 


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus



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