Penman House Report

It has been a very busy Term 3 for the Penman House, with a number of different events taking centre stage at different times. It is this time of year that reminds us in the Penman House, that there is more involved than simply sporting prowess.


Whilst events such as the House Football are centerpiece events of the House calendar, it is others like the Mathematics-English week, Science Challenge, House Drama and House Wearable Art that provide Penman students of many varied disciplines the opportunities to excel and express their own unique, God-given talents.

The students of Penman House have at all times handled themselves well, showing great respect for both their peers and their competition, whilst both achieving success and participating in the many varied co-curricular activities offered by the respective faculties and the Christian College sports department. I would like to pay particular praise to Penman House Group teachers Mr. Ian Neville, for his tireless work as the Senior School Sports Coordinator, and the incredible passion for Wearable Art shown by Mrs. Jane Bailey. Without these individuals, our Penman House program would not be as rich an experience for our students.

This term also saw the return of the Penman Inter-House Group challenge for the ‘Archbishop David Penman Memorial Trophy’. Despite stiff competition from both Penman 2 and Penman 5, Penman 1 representative Riley Dwyer claimed victory for his House Group in the Kick-boxing event. These House Group Challenges allow the Penman House to come together as a community and enjoy the company of each other in a manner that encourages both participation and enjoyment.

All of these events remind us all that the broader House structure of the Christian College Senior Campus is about more than winning, in fact, it is about giving students a chance to experience a wide variety of opportunities. The House system is a crucial element of a student’s time at Christian College, and is one of the most fondly reflected upon by College alumni.


This week during our House assembly time, we reflected on the important role that parents and guardians play within the life of the young people of our College and also how we talk, describe and thank them. Many students took the opportunity to respond to their parents or guardians in a powerful and meaningful manner through the simple gesture of a text message, which linked in beautifully with R U OK? Day, which took place on Thursday.


As a part of a student’s time in their respective Houses, many students will consider taking on the role of being a House Prefect. This role is an important aspect of all Houses, coordinating both staff and students for numerous events undertaken by the College community. To the students who have applied for the leadership position of House Prefect for the 2017 year, on behalf of the Heads of House, I thank you for your thought and consideration of stepping up into these important roles within the life of the Christian College Senior Campus.

Recently in the Penman House, we have been reflecting on the the “5 Stages of Leadership” model outlined by John C. Maxwell in a number of his published works. This model outlines the significant role that relationships plays between the impact and growth of leaders through interpersonal relationship. Maxwell goes on to explain that whilst we may progress through certain levels, there are always areas of growth and development in all of our leadership.

It is also at this time that we congratulate the 2016 House Prefects from all Houses for the incredible contribution that they have made collectively within the lives of their Houses, and the Christian College Campus. In particular, on behalf of the Penman House, I wish to publically thank Naomi Caulfield, Brittany Siketa, Jordan Rossi and Thomas Clarke for their contributions to the life of the Penman House in 2016.

Simon Peake, Head of Penman House


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