Pop Up Store Success

Throughout the last few weeks students of Year 7 and 8 Food Technology and Visual Communication and Design classes have worked with Mrs Gray and Mrs Ruplal to come up with ideas for a healthy food van, from which students of Middle School are able to purchase different food options. In Visual Communication and Design students were put into four groups such as packaging, logo, outdoor area and promotions. The students jobs were to design posters, logos, outdoor areas and food packaging for the van and outdoor area.

In Food Technology students where asked to come up with some healthy food ideas that could possibly be sold in the food van. They came up with many different options and they cooked up all kinds of different food. They chose what worked best and what was to be sold from the food van.

Before lunch on Thursday, the Food Tech & VCD students prepared the eating area, bringing out the food and writing menus. The retro caravan was surrounded by green crates with soft pillows on them, and circular tables with menus and plants on top of them. As soon as the lunch bell rang, people were rushing over and lining up, sitting on the crates and rustic seats talking with friends, and eating the amazing food that the Food Tech class made. The Year 9 band playing next to the caravan gave the whole Pop Up! Cafe a chill and fun vibe, and most of the food sold out before the end of lunch! Many people who worked on the Cafe said it was a great experience and that they had lots of fun working on it. Overall, the Pop Up! went really well on the first day!

Written by Caitlin Doble and Alesha Parke-King (VCD promotional crew - Year 8)


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