Middle school had a great time celebrating R U OK? Day. Whilst the main emphasis of the day was about looking out for one another and educating students on how to have meaningful conversations with each other, the overall experience was described as a "joyful" one. 

On the day, the students came together in the Sports and Aquatic Centre for an object lesson about releasing the burdens of life that weigh us down. This was symbolised by the releasing of a Helium balloon, signifying the lightness that comes with sharing our difficulties. As chaplains we want to take a positive approach and encourage all of our staff and students to continue to watch out for each other on a daily basis as we can all go through difficult times at one point or another. Each of us are precious and we all have a purpose.

Therefore, please continue to talk to your children, and others around you, about RUOK Day and it's message and meaning. You never know - in the future a seemingly insignificant conversation could have a profound effect on someone’s life. 


Tim Blackhall and Georgie Kettle



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