Offspring Week - together we raised how much?

Last week our students were challenged with the idea that ‘we can’t do everything, but we can do something’, when it comes to global issues such as slavery and human trafficking. Well our students certainly rose to the challenge, raising an incredible total of $3067.30!

For many years now, Christian College has partnered with Offspring, a non for profit organization founded by a former staff member Kristi Van Es. Based in Kolkata India, Offspring has the privilege of being part of the journey of young women as they are restored and reintegrated back into community through education and skill acquisition.

Over the week, students learned about the work of Offspring and shared in daily devotions around the issues of slavery and trafficking. Students were challenged to look into God’s perspective on this and the fact that we are all called to ‘love others more than ourselves’.

The week culminated in a whole school prefect run assembly where our students were thanked for their involvement over the week and encouraged in knowing that each of their donations added up to make a significant difference in the lives of others. As well as this, after much anticipation, the prefects announced the two homerooms who raised the most over the week to be invited to a celebratory ‘party’, in the theme of Offspring’s current campaign, ‘Presents with Purpose’.

We were very proud not only of our students, but also of our prefects for organising the weeks activities, raising awareness around this growing issue and providing their cohort with an opportunity to put their 'faith into action'. 





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