Year 9 Transition into Year 10

As we finish term 3 and the end of the year is fast approaching, our attention at Senior School is now turning towards effectively preparing students for the next stage in their educational journey. For our Year 9 students, the commencement of their studies at Senior School campus is one of the most significant changes to occur in this journey as they adjust to many changes in the academic and social setting they have become familiar with. Already as a Year 10 Year Level Co-ordinator, I have had the privilege to meet with many of our Bellarine Year 9 students, along with speaking to our Highton Year 9 students at assembly. Personally this has been very beneficial in getting to know many students and hopefully being able to ease some of the nerves associated with such a large change for our students. However, it is a normal response to any change in life that students (and parents for that matter) feel somewhat uneasy, especially when we are taken outside of our comfort zone.

As part of the transition to Senior School, we have several key opportunities to help students adjust to the environment at Senior School. Firstly, our Orientation Day on November 1st is a great opportunity for students to have a fun day full of activities to help them get to know the teachers that will be helping them achieve their future aspirations. This day also gives students time to get to make new friendships and connections with students from the two campuses.

After this initial Orientation Day, Year 9 students will return to Senior School on Thursday November 30th and Friday December 1st for their transition days. These days are structured as would any normally timetabled day they will experience in 2017, and is the beginning of their academic education at Senior School. Students will be introduced to their initial homeroom group and will have formally structured classes throughout the two days to get to know the students and teachers they will be working with next year. While some classes will have more ‘get to know you’ types of activities, some subjects may begin preparing students for the academic learning they will be undertaking. This may involve some holiday reading or initial work to prepare students to begin their Year 10 studies on the front foot.

It is an exciting time for all teachers here at Senior School as we have the opportunity to play a positive part in the future of what is a wonderful Year 9 cohort.

Paul Breguet
Year Level Coordinator – Year 10



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