Cross Age Collaboration - Year 2 & Year 9 students

In Term 3 we have been very blessed with the opportunity to have the Year 9 students working alongside our Year 2 students in the Junior School class setting. The Year 9 boys are currently visiting during the literacy block on a Friday morning. This time allows the boys to develop a rapport with the younger students that they otherwise may not have direct contact with. The students sit alongside one another in the class and participate in activities such as reading, where both Middle School students and Junior School students read to each other.

Students were involved in writing and craft tasks in preparation for the Christian College 20th Anniversary celebration. This type of cross age learning provided students with the opportunity to expand their Building Learning Power muscles. Students worked together to stretch and develop their imitating, collaboration, empathy and listening skills and dispositions. We are very fortunate to have the age span we do within our campus, allowing us to offer such wonderful learning experiences for younger and older students. It gives confidence to students and it allows bonds to form across the age groups.

Mrs Sam Bett & Mrs Joanne Lowe
Class Teachers


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