Bellarine Campus 20th Anniversary Celebration Day

It was wonderful to come together last Sunday as a Campus community, foundation students and families, past staff and students and present staff and students to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bellarine Campus. We have much to celebrate and be thankful for, from the initial decision to investigate having a Christian College Campus on the Bellarine Peninsula, the provision of the campus site, the calling of the staff and the gift of students to be educated here, has been under God's hand and part of His plan. God has continued to honour that plan over the past 20 years with significant growth of our Campus community, facilities and rich educational opportunities.

The Campus has always been very personal, a place where students, parents and staff are known by name, where relationship and partnership are at the core of educating our young people. At the outset, the Campus was founded on the need to build a community, with shared values, a desire to provide a quality education and to develop the character of our students. The discussions this year with our students as to what the Bellarine community means to them, and Sunday’s service of thanksgiving, sharing in the journey of our Campus thus far has been an opportunity to consider the very fabric of our core purpose, and the importance of our focus on continued strengthening of our community into the future.

The Bellarine Campus is God’s blessing to the Bellarine, and we continue to pray that it is God’s will that students, families and staff continue to come. I acknowledge everyone who has made a contribution, particularly those who made the leap of faith and saw a vision in the empty building and gravel filled grounds that God would establish something very special. I acknowledge our fine group of committed educators today that have a passion to see further growth of our community, to develop authentic educational experiences that will prepare students for the 21st century, the world that our young people are going to live in, and above all, for the heart that they possess to nurture the faith of our young people.

It’s an Incredible privilege and awesome responsibility for me as the 3rd Head of Campus, for the Campus Deputy Heads, Mrs Pam McKeeman and Mr Earl Moore, and for our dedicated staff group to be the ‘keepers’ of the Bellarine Campus for now and into the future. The Bellarine Campus future is bright, as we strive in partnership with our families to strengthen the strong community culture that God has allowed to flourish in this place since its humble beginnings 20 years ago.

Nicholas Watson
Head of Bellarine Campus


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