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This week’s Career Spot is a reminder for our Year 12 cohort, as well as interesting reading ahead for those yet to consider pursuing tertiary study. A number of opportunities exist for Special Consideration/SEAS assistance/Scholarships both through VTAC as well as more directly through individual institutions.

Various forms of assistance are available if we peruse the VTAC website. Please note that closing dates for these applications may vary from the closing date for listing tertiary preferences.

Two links are provided which may be of interest and assistance in seeking support for your child in their tertiary studies:

Other schemes outside SEAS

In addition to the SEAS applications, a number of institutions offer a series of programmes targeted at circumstances and individuals. These programs provide special consideration for entry into courses in addition to or instead of the SEAS considerations. Follow the link above into information from specific institutions,

Other scholarships not through VTAC

In addition to the scholarships listed as part of the VTAC Scholarship Applications, there are many scholarships offered by different institutions. These scholarships often require you to apply directly to the institution. Follow the above link for more information.


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