Prep Evening at School with Dads and Special Friends

Many lovely moments were shared between the Prep children and their special guests last Thursday night. The classrooms were flooded with Preps proudly leading their visitors on a tour and sharing the many pieces of work they had completed throughout the school year so far.

Soon the sound of nails being hammered filled the air in the Food Technology and Wood Work building as rocket construction began. Creativity flowed next door in the kitchen as small hands were supported by large hands to make some very interesting vegetable creations. The night concluded with supper and a slide show highlighting the various learning opportunities the Preps have experienced throughout the year. It was a wonderful night for the Dads and Special Friends to share in activities and gain a better insight into what a day in the life of a Prep students looks like.

Katie Oelke
Prep - Yr. 2 Coordinator


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