Refugee Day - Year 6

Thursday the 15th of September saw the Year 6 students participating in Refugee Day at the Bellarine Campus. The students took part in a number of activities designed to immerse them into the life of a refugee and to give the students an experience that would broaden their points of view and help them see life outside their own community.

The day started with a visiting speaker, Sam, a refugee from Iran who has now made Australia his home. He was able to give the students an amazing insight into the life of a refugee, the journey to Australia and the difficulties of settling into a new home. The students were thoroughly engaged while Sam spoke and their responses demonstrated the thought provoking experiences he spoke about. His real message, “trust in our God”.

Virtual reality was the next step for the students. Stepping into a virtual world of refugee camps and life as a refugee. The students were very excited to experience this activity and it was amazing to watch their responses to being in a refugee camp and part of a food drop in Africa. The students were also challenged to “exit Australia” as part of an online simulation game. They needed to go through the process of becoming a refugee and dealing with the uncertainties and decisions that needed to be made to be able to escape the country with their lives. The students were then set a task to design and build a new generation tent that could be used in refugee camps around the world. This task brought in design ideas such as water conservation, energy efficiency and easy set up and pack up. A tent that will go towards providing the refugees with some of the basic human needs that they currently do not have; lighting, fresh water and shelter. 

The link below is an article relating to three personal refugee stories, students viewed on refugee day. You may hold down the mouse button while the youtube is playing to view 360 degrees.

It was an amazing day, full of rich learning for the students involved.

Claire Deretic and Ryan Healy.
Year 6 Homeroom Teachers


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