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WIRL Career is an online careers tool which can help students identify their interests and then find occupations which fit those interests. There are 2 sections to WIRL, the career quiz and career discovery.

Career quiz is a tool which is designed to give students an idea of what careers areas might match with their interests and preferences.

The quiz can be used as a starting point for further investigation into different career options. When the test is finished, a student can print off a summary sheet and then take a look at some of the WIRL career video segments that are related to their career preferences.

The career discovery tool can be used to start exploring career segments. Searches can be done by career area or alphabetically. After watching the short video, students can click on where the courses can be studied in Victoria and across Australia, job descriptions and pathway sheets. Students can also click on links to universities to get a detailed description of the courses from the institutions’ websites.

WIRL Career is an effective and enjoyable way for students to explore different career options and useful information which will help them on their career pathway.

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