Year 1 & Year 2 Integrated Studies Excursion

To begin our Term 4 Integrated Studies learning about ‘Our Local Community’, Years 1 and 2 students headed into Geelong to explore historical buildings and landmarks. The excursion prompted the children’s thinking about how our community has changed over time and why different buildings, landmarks and sites are important. The children loved seeing the timeline of Geelong’s history portrayed in the Harold Freedman ‘Geelong Regional History’ mosaic mural in the State Offices. We were able to recognise many familiar aspects of Geelong’s history and share some great questions and ideas about some more unfamiliar aspects of the mural. The students enjoyed discovering the dedication plaques on many buildings and were challenged to consider both the uses and significance of buildings such as the original Post Office, Town Hall, War Memorial and Wool Stores.

Another highlight of the excursion was to visit some of the Waterfront Bollards by artist Jan Mitchell. The Year 1 and 2 students followed clues to discover the identities of the significant Geelong characters portrayed through the Bollards.

The learning sparked by this excursion is set to continue as we discover more about our local Drysdale community with a walking excursion planned as well as exploring the history of the Bellarine Campus as we share some of the historical documents showcased as part of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

Year 1 & Year 2 HomeroomTeachers


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