Preps Enjoy the Camp Experience

What a great time was had by all Bellarine Prep students and teachers last Friday! Our wonderful adventure began with a visit to ‘Meerkat Manor’ an indoor play centre in Ocean Grove. Students and staff alike enjoyed going down the slides and wondering through the jungle gym. This was followed by a walk along the beach and back across the top of the dunes at Point Lonsdale. We then reached our final destination Cottage by the Sea in Queenscliff.

The Preps went down onto the beautiful beach behind the cottage and participated in a sandcastle building competition and then came back to the cottage where ‘Pirate James’ (Sam Kennedy) shared his hidden treasure of chocolate frogs and coins with the Preps. Next on the agenda was bed making where there was great excitement over who was going to sleep on the top bunk! Following was a dinner of pies, sausage rolls, chips and salad then a movie it was time to go to bed. By 9pm there wasn’t a single sound in any of the dorms but by 6am the following morning we were all awake! A breakfast of cereal and pancakes was enjoyed by all campers before the parents came to collect their ‘very grown up’ Preps.

Prep camp provided a great opportunity for our Preps to develop their interpersonal skills including independence, confidence and resilience while at the same time creating an extension of our Play Based Learning and Discovery Learning programs. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this experience and congratulations to all our Prep campers!

Ms Tracey Coffey
Classroom Teacher



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