Message from the Chaplain

Hi Parents and Friends,

Continuing in our series this term on the topic of Parenting. My hope is that the short thoughts and hints will go towards helping all of us parent better which will roll over into a more positive family life at home.

How can we avoid becoming pushover parents? We can begin by recognizing that our children are a blessing from God, and with that blessing comes an awesome responsibility. Children who fail to experience consequences for misbehavior typically grow up to become selfish, narcissistic adults who leave a trail of broken relationships in their wake.

If you believe you might be a pushover parent, ask your spouse and friends to give you feedback — and give them permission to be honest. If you're a single parent, ask yourself if you look to your kids for comfort and fear their disapproval. If so, ask God to help you develop close, nurturing friendships with adults — friends who will support you in your role as a single Mum or Dad.

By balancing love and limits, you can help your kids grow into healthy, Godly adults who — as they become moms and dads — will break the destructive cycle of pushover parenting.

If you are like me, any helpful piece of information about parenting possesses the possibility of making me a better parent.

Please get in touch with me at the College Campus if you would like to talk about any issues that are of a concern for you in your situation. It really helps to have someone who will listen to you.

Take Care,

Gary Crole
Christian College Bellarine campus Chaplain. 


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