Year 10 Real Talk

On Wednesday morning all Year 10 students met in the Chapel for a seminar from Real Talk Australia. The seminar ‘Love and Life’ was presented by Gerard, whose enthusiasm and genuineness kept us all engaged with his message. He encouraged students to think about the way society portrays love, body image and sex and the problems that arise from media perspectives. He explained the way body language can convey love and the neurochemistry or physical intimacy, so students can consider when and with whom they want to share a physical bond. Gerard spoke openly about his journey, including his faith and the decision he has made about abstaining from physical intimacy before marriage. We have encouraged students to consider all perspectives about love and life, including the Christian perspective and your family’s perspective. I will finish with a quote from the seminar that I encourage all students to reflect upon. ‘If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.’

Celeste Pryke, Year 10 Coordinator 


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