Message from the Chaplain

Hi All,

Continuing with our focus on our families for this term, let's take a quick look at the need for communication within our family.

Communication is the way people share their thoughts and feelings. Communication skills are vital for building and maintaining relationships with friends and family, and for success in school and employment.

The following tips can be used by parents and carers to help improve young people’s communication skills:

Practice, practice, practice
Good communication skills can be learnt through practice. Children whose parents talk to them more often and in more complex sentences have wider vocabularies and can express themselves more clearly and easily. This helps them to make friends, do well at school and participate in the wider community.

Be a role model
One of the best ways to help your children learn to communicate well is to demonstrate positive communication skills yourself. For example, ask them lots of open-ended questions, and be a good listener – try not to multitask while listening.

Praise good communication
Let children know when they speak clearly, use good eye contact, or smile at people.

Talk about communication skills
Look for teachable moments in everyday life, for example, use the opportunity of a conflict with a friend to talk about the challenges of communication and the most effective ways to have a difficult conversation.

Use games and role play
For young children in particular, games and make-believe role playing activities can be useful to teach communication skills in imagined scenarios.

Hope this will help all of us with families to continue to guide not only ourselves but our beautiful children,

Take care,

Gary Crole
Christian College Bellarine Campus Chaplain.


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