Year 9 'Pop Up' Cafe Initiative

In previous weeks, students in various Year 9 and 8 elective classes have been working on a collaborative initiative of a PopUp café. Held during lunchtime on Thursday November the 3rd , the Year 9 cohort will be invited to purchase items from a ‘healthy food menu’ ranging between $2 and $5.  

Students have worked on different components of the café to create a healthy food van. The Yr 9 Food Technology students have designed, and will produce, the menu on the day, with prior study undertaken in the design of healthy eating options, food preparation and the requirements needed to produce a café type environment. A variety of other elective classes have also been working behind the scenes to bring this PopUp café together including Yr 9 Product Design (creating seating), Yr 9 Music (providing live entertainment on the day), Yr 8 Textiles (creating seat furnishings and buntings) and Yr 8 Visual Communication Design (marketing, packaging and layout designs).

This has been a wonderful learning experience for the students as they have been able to collaborate, create and experience firsthand how the skills learnt through this process will transfer into their everyday lives.   


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